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Welcome to Andy Abraham's History of the Big Bands Tour! Prepare to be taken on a musical journey back to the era of swing with Andy Abraham and his incredible 13 piece swing band. Your evening will be filled with toe tapping tunes from the ages of the most memorable big band leaders including Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Count Basie and many more.

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Enjoy being transported back to the time every dance hall was a ballroom filled with the swinging pulse of the rhythm section to the cool whirr of the brass players. The unforgettable songs that have stood the test of time such as In the Mood, Take the A-Train and Opus One will feature in this spectacular evening. Don't get excited; get very excited for an extraordinary evening of musical theatre, glamour and romance with UK's leading Swing Orchestra and the smooth swinging vocals of UK's most loved soul artist, Andy Abraham.

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